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Make or Break Time at the Bias Winery
The 56th Missouri Photo Workshop (MPW)

Photo by Kevin Wellenius

In June, Carol and Kirk Grass became the new owners of the Bias Vineyards and Winery. In this all-important first year, a successful Catawba grape harvest is critical, as the variety represents more than half of the vineyard's grape production. With help from family and area residents, Carol and Kirk work long days bringing in their crop.

Kevin Wellenius
Team C
Melissa Farlow
Lois Raimondo
Tel: 617 491-1903

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Team A
Alfredo Cardenas
Leah Nash
Annie Tritt
Melody Ko
Charles W. Harr
Ruth Anne Kocour
Deborah Silver
Jennifer Coombes

Team B
Tim Gruber
Jonathan Miano
Sally Ryan
Michael Karas
Sarah Beth Barnett
Jennifer Sauer
Megan Morr
Naomi Brookner

Team C
Gabriela Hasbun
Gang Wu
Uwe Martin
Aaron Suozzi
Eric Kayne
Kevin Wellenius
Ann Hermes
Christina Ducklow

Team D
Betty Bastidas
Jodi Hilton
Velina Nurse
Kim Walker
Valentina Petrova
Paul Rutherford
Beatrice de Gea
Chris Kaufman

Team E
Ted Howell
Kevin Van Paassen
Jennifer Page
Monique Ganucheau
Autumn Pinette
Spencer Leonard
Paul Morigi
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