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• VIEW STORY: Far above Rubies: Home Schooling Mother Tara Bronson •

"A wife of noble character, who can find — for her worth is far above rubies." The book of Proverbs, near the middle of the Bible, describes the activities of a truly fulfilled woman, yet only alludes to the second most important aspect of her life's work — "her children — (who) rise up and call her blessed."

Wife and home schooling mother of three children (David — 14, Joseph — 9 and Mary Beth — 8), Tara Bronson dedicates her life to her God, her husband, her children, her home, and her church family — in that order.

"I always knew that I was to be a mother and to teach. I just cannot imagine what it would be like to not do that. It would feel so unfulfilling and like I was missing something."

Tara Bronson is not missing anything. Her schedule begins very early each morning, and her day — like her life — is all about others. Tara's family reaps the full benefit of a relationship cultivated by ample time spent with this graceful yet solid woman. Her children have absorbed their mother's warm and deliberate demeanor.

Gentleness and order breed contentment into a daily routine which begins with breakfast and family prayer. Mother and children discuss numerous subjects and talk of concerns, where everything is discussed openly. Prayer time follows, and each family member contributes. Remembering the needs of others is high priority during this sacred time. After family prayer time, each member retreats to a separate place to spend time praying and reading their Bible.

Chores in the Bronson home begin, and are maintained quietly on the peripheral of training that continues throughout the day. Home schooling takes on various forms, yet the Bronson residence has no lack of order. Chaos could never find a nest in this uncomplicated and well-engineered household.

Tara Bronson has discovered the secret of time well spent, as she states "I've just learned to limit myself. It's not that I don't want to do all these good things, but I try to choose what's best." She says that sometimes her husband steps in to caution her about a possible overloaded schedule. "He's usually right," she smiles "I like to do a lot of things." She defers often to her husband as they share responsibilities in every arena.

It is obvious that people are drawn to Tara Bronson. At home her children are never far from her call, and even in public she seems to have time for every person in her path. The bench is rarely empty next to her during the hours of karate classes each week. Church events are no different, and she draws numerous greetings while filtering though the "church family" at the Baptist church where her husband is associate pastor. Tara Bronson is genuine. Her bouncing alto laugh is frequent, and her warmth emanates like golden sunlight through a vast canopy of autumn trees. She has learned to spend her life's energy wisely, and her family obviously takes much pleasure in their journey along side this rare jewel.


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