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• VIEW STORY: Missy, Prissy and Martin, The ex-husband •

They know their family structure isn't exactly typical, but for Prissy Price, Missy Miller and her ex-husband Martin Stauffer, it's what works. Living under one roof with Missy and Martin's three kids and Tyler, Missy's youngest, allows them all time to be with the people they care about.

While Martin stays with the couple temporarily while trying to find a better paying job out of town to support the family, Missy and Prissy work inside and outside the home to keep the four kids healthy and happy in a town where a lot of people pass judgment upon them simply for supporting and loving each other. Missy and Prissy are excited by their future together. "I want to get married, she doesn't do you?" Missy asks, smiling. "Maybe, maybe not." Prissy says shyly. Through all the stares and talk that the couple endures, Prissy and Missy care about their kids and each other above all else. "She cares about people. Sometimes too much," Prissy says about Missy. From across the room, Tabatha whispers. "Sometimes Prissy and mommy are the best," she says.


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