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• VIEW STORY: "Santos: Louisiana's first hispanic businessman" •

Santos Angel Sagastume, 42, is the only Hispanic business owner in Louisiana, Mo. Born in Honduras, Santos came to the United State as an illegal immigrant in 1992. "I was real poor in my country," he said. Santos has made his living since from his construction business, the local laundromat he owns and through several rental properties in town. Married in 1993, Santos no longer lives with his wife, Lisa Sagastume and son, Alex, 8, but has a special relationship with him, who he sees everyday. Many Mexican immigrants living in Louisiana, Mo., pay rent to Santos at the motel he owns. Santo says he doesn't think about being middle class in the town. Escaping the town life, Santos lives in the country outside of Louisiana, Mo. "When the time comes and money is in my pocket, I go bye," he said.


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