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• VIEW STORY: Francis Beck: Commitment at a crossroad •

Frances Beck, a native of Louisiana, spent most of her time taking care of people. In 1965 after working for three as a nurse's aid, she decided to go back to school, after a year at Levering Hospital School, she became a licensed practical nurse. Since then nursing people became a part of her. Taking care of others is a family tradition that beck learn at an early age from her mother who was also a nurse. Beck works at Pike County Memorial Hospital in Louisiana as an operation-room technician, but her professional life doesn't stop there. She's also a Louisiana city councilwoman and volunteers for the Red- Cross and a hospice program.

Six years ago her late husband Preston advised her to run for a seat on the city council in Louisiana. She won the election. Meanwhile, tragedy struck her tranquil life. Last year on Thanksgiving Day, the man she had been married for 46 years, died. Her life took a different path and Beck decided to leave behind the legacy that had taken a lifetime to build and move in with her son David in Chillothie, MO. When her son came to pick up her belongings, Beck decided to stay a little longer in the town she loves so much. After her husband's death, she became involved in more activities to try to fill the gap left by her husband. She has dedicated her life to the human's causes. Last November she received the Missouri Central service award of excellent for outstanding achievements. After her retirement this year from Pike County Memorial Hospital, she looked for new way to fill her life, She taking line dancing at the Lay Center in Louisiana every Tuesday.

"I spent all my life taking care of people " Beck said: "the line-dancing class is just for me" Beck has spent a lot time working on city business and she still working two days or more at the hospital. Although she receives a stipend of one thousand dollars a year from the city, She said it's not the money, but her commitment to the people. Now she shares her house with her late husbands dog Sophia. She plans to give the dog away to good family with kids, because she is barely home. It's not for her to spend so much time alone Beck said.

"I am going to miss her but it will be better for her" Beck said.


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