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Photo by Frank Wiese

Louisiana, Mo, a town of less than 4,000, was our “laboratory" for the 55th Missouri Photo Workshop. Situated on bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, Louisiana’s livelihood is no longer dependent on commerce from the river, but the river is a persistent presence, providing recreation and a picturesque setting. In 1816 Judge James Stark planted some fruit trees, and two years later the town of Louisiana was begun. The Stark Brothers Nursery continues to this day, famous for its grafted fruit trees. Louisiana is undergoing a renaissance in its historic downtown business and residential area. Attracted by homes that were once


glorious, new residents are buying homes and businesses, reclaiming their original Victorian glory. There is a growing Hispanic immigrant community, many of whom work in local industry – at the plastics factory, Stark’s and other businesses. The arts are a major focus of growth. Louisiana sits squarely in the middle of what is called “50 Miles of Art." Attracted by the Mississippi river, artists have set up galleries and studios that bring tourism to the area. The Mississippi is a flyway for eagles during the late fall and winter months, bringing more tourism to the area.
Louisiana, Mo 2003

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