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Photo by Peter Meecham


Margaret O'Connor
Dennis Dimick
Melissa Farlow
MaryAnne Golon
Kim Komenich
Bill Luster
Geri Migielicz
George Olson
Randy Olson
Lois Raimondo


Angel Anderson
Randy Cox
Jim Curley
Seth Jayson
David Rees
Jeff Thompson
Greg Tomlinson
Becca Young


David Barreda
Shauna Bittle
Meredith Day
Sara Fajardo
Elie Gardner
Channing Johnson
Benjamin Mihlfeld
Chris Oberholtz
Vanja Ratković
Megan Retka
Beth Schlanker
Kathrin Spirk
Adam Williams

"This week is about trying to wade through the complexities of our lives, to slow down and get to know people and to find out what makes them tick. Not only to show what they do but who they are." - Melissa Farlow


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