Photo by Elyse Butler / MPW.58 PHOTO BY Elyse Butler / MPW.58
  • Growing up and apart
  • The 58th Missouri Photo Workshop / MPW.58
  • Haley Price and Shynese Alexander are best friends. They live together, they share a bed, they share moms. The two thirteen year olds have been friends since second grade, and recently Shy moved in.

    Adolescence has taken a toll on their friendship. Shy now hangs out with an older crowd and has a high school boyfriend. Haley considers dating but says, “I would never date anyone that old.” Shy often leaves the house directly after school, leaving Haley to watch over her brother, do chores and finish homework. Haley and Shy will struggle to keep their friendship as close as it used to be.

    Haley and Shy, both 13, jump on Haley's trampoline after school one day. The girls have been best friends since 2nd grade and afternoons usually consist of playing on the trampoline or sitting on the front porch and gossiping. Haley said, "Moberly is boring, there's not much to do here."
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