Photo by Benjamin Sklar / MPW.58 PHOTO BY Benjamin Sklar / MPW.58
  • Luckiest Man in Randolph County: Farmer Labors Past Illness
  • The 58th Missouri Photo Workshop / MPW.58
  • Multimedia Experience: Luckiest Man in Randolph County by Benjamin Sklar
  • Ted Thornburg, of Moberly, Missouri, straps on his Big Mac overalls and cowboy boots Monday to Sunday to feed the cattle, mow the ragweed and repair barbed wire fences on the 180-acre family farm. The determined 71-year old hires no help to keep the farm in working order with the support of a loving wife, compassionate dog and a laborious lifestyle. "I don't want to quit because I'm afraid if I do I'll go in the house and die," says Thornburg about his malignant skin cancer. Thornburg helped the Magic City earn its name while working tireless hours under the blistering sun on the Wabash railroad and his families' farms growing up in Randolph County.

    Ted Thornburg emerges from his barn carrying a 5-gallon bucket of livestock feed for his steer, as his dog, "Dinky," limps behind him with her three working legs.
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