Photo by Angela Jimenez / MPW.58 PHOTO BY Angela Jimenez / MPW.58
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  • Dennis Jones, 22, and a group of his basketball teammates are scholarship athletes at Moberly Area Community College (MACC), a one-sport junior college with a perennially successful basketball team. Eleven Greyhounds (out of 14 on the team) live and socialize together on the commuter campus.

    Jones was living with his mother in Zwolle, Louisiana while struggling to complete his high school credits when MACC called. “I wasn’t doing shit,” Jones said. “I wasn’t going nowhere.” This is Jones’ opportunity to move on to Division 1 basketball and the NBA. “It’s pretty good,” he says of the program. “Keeps me out of trouble.”

    The MACC basketball players, including Jones, far right, complete a grueling pre-season conditioning session at the Activity Center arena with 25 laps around the court, relaying a weight ball as a punishment for playing a prank on their assistant coach.
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