Photo by Sarah Conard / MPW.58 PHOTO BY Sarah Conard / MPW.58
  • Multimedia Experience: Niki's Ability by Sarah Conard
  • “By the time I’m an adult I’ll be completely deaf and I’m okay with that,” says twelve year-old Niki Polk. Niki, of Huntsville, has degenerative hearing loss, plays in her middle school band, sings in the choir and spends her days laughing and sharing secrets with her friends. A tilt of her head to the left when she speaks to you might be the only outward indication that she has a disability, but she is acutely aware of her silent future. “I know that one day I’ll be deaf so why don’t I just enjoy the world now?”

    Niki Polk has 90% hearing loss in her left ear and 40% in her right. Her hearing has been slowly deteriorating and she will eventually lose the ability completely.
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