Photo by Jessica Rotkiewicz / MPW.58 PHOTO BY Jessica Rotkiewicz / MPW.58
  • Ever-Changing Love
  • The 58th Missouri Photo Workshop / MPW.58
  • Multimedia Experience: Ever-Changing Love by Jessica Rotkiewicz
  • September 11, 2004 was a bittersweet day for Doc and Cindy Blackmore. Their last child had just left for college and they were looking forward to beginning a new chapter of their life together. On a family hunting trip in Colorado, while scouting a deserted area on mountain bikes, the gravel beneath Doc gave way. Doc flew over the handlebars, breaking his neck and injuring his spinal cord. He became paralyzed from the neck down. Now a quadriplegic, he relies on his wife, Cindy, family and friends to help with his everyday routine.

    Doc and Cindy have always been close, but say the injury has brought them even closer.
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