Photo by David Calvert / MPW.58 PHOTO BY David Calvert / MPW.58
  • Jack and Dee Cox live with a pack of wild dogs—or so it seems. They own K-9 Kountry Klub and Kat House, a cageless daycare facility for local pets in Moberly. They share their modest, two-bedroom home with more than 25 dogs and two teenage sons—it’s chaotic. “People love their dogs like they do their kids,” Dee said. “And I’d rather baby-sit dogs than kids. Dogs don’t talk back.” They don’t just baby-sit dogs, they live with them. “We eat breakfast with the dogs and watch big screen TV with them,” Jack said. “We even sleep with them,” Dee added. “I guess people think we’re crazy?” Ryan Cox, 13, watches the dogs while they exercise in the front yard. Ryan and his older brother Jacob help their parents run the kennel. They play with and clean up after the dogs.
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