Photo by Deanna Ng / MPW.58 PHOTO BY Deanna Ng / MPW.58
  • Birthed by the same mother but of different fathers, Denicia, Dannia and Denaijha are three sisters adopted by the Lambkin family eleven years ago. They left a home where violence was a constant and came into a family full of love. Sharon and Manly Lambkin fell in love with them when they were in their foster care and decided to adopt all the girls. Although they are sisters, they are as different as chalk and cheese. Nicknames will be used because that's what Mama calls them. This is the story of the Denicia (Necy), Dannia (Danny) and Denaijha (Nay-nay).

    Necy on the left and Nay-nay straightening Danny's hair.
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