• In Moberly, you can still buy a finely-tailored gentlemen's suit at Bill Reid's store and expect to be measured for it. At her school, Nellie DeMint takes special needs children by the hand, and heart, and walks them through life. Her's is a giving life, made all the stronger by her own personal losses. It's where a young man named Brennan Holtzclaw dreams of playing to the lights of Broadway but must be content for the moment with high school plays and working at the same radio station where his grandfather worked for 40 years.

    Down the block at the Moberly Towers, the Rev. Howard Glasgow insures the security of the mostly elderly residents during the week and the security of his parishioners' souls in his other job as God's servant on Sundays. You are likely to pass Norman O'Halloran on the street handing out leaflets for his politically-ambitious wife between games of golf and painting. Out in the front yard, Sharon Lambkin's girls, rescued from a sad and violent legacy, play and enjoy the love of a foster family that has made the difference between a good life and a bad one.

  • In front, Team C faculty: Kim Komenich & Maggie Steber

    Workshop Students: From left to right:
    Deanna Ng, Lowell Handler, Jonathan Wiggs, Brett Duke, Kieran Dodds