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  • Moberly Love and Dreams
  • The 58th Missouri Photo Workshop / MPW.58
  • It is only 6:50am when the alarm clock rings. Within minutes, Sara is in the shower while Adam begs for a few extra minutes. Before rushing to the car to make it to class on time, there are only a few moments to fix some peanut butter sandwiches. Even in small town Moberly, life can be fast and demanding. Adam, 21, and Sara Wright, 23, came here from Nebraska in 2004 to study Christian Ministries at the Central Christian College of the Bible, one of only two Bible colleges in America that is tuition-free. Adam met Sara when he was 15 and they've been in love ever since. They got married last year and bought their first house in May. With a lot of work still to be done in the house, they pay for their new life through student loans and their jobs at Wal-Mart and a local clothing store. By 9:00 in the evening, when they are finally back home, there is not much else to do than spend a little time together and maybe play some videogames. Very soon, the alarm clock will ring, and it will be time to start another day, counting on their love that they hope will forever stay. "You have to wake up or we'll be late." Adam and Sara came to Moberly because of the tuition-free education they could get at the Central Christian College of the Bible. They plan to be missionaries in a foreign country after they graduate.
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