Photo by Jason Clark / MPW.58 PHOTO BY Jason Clark / MPW.58
  • Expecting A Typical Day
  • The 58th Missouri Photo Workshop / MPW.58
  • "My life is pretty boring," said Dr. Jack Childress. "I do the same thing every day." Childress is the only male obstetrician at work in Moberly, Missouri. He delivered his first baby in 1972, but has delivered so many by now that the father of three doesn't remember the total. "I quit tracking that years ago," said Childress. On a recent day, Childress went to Rob's Barber Shop in downtown Moberly to get a haircut. When his hair was only halfway done, his pager went off. Time to deliver a baby. Thirteen minutes later, Benjamin Alan Carmack became Moberly's newest resident. Childress then returned to the barbershop to complete his haircut. Childress had hoped to be visiting his mother next week, but at 2pm the same day he found out that she had died. Now he will be planning to attend her funeral. Joy and sorrow - an extraordinary day in Moberly. Dr. Jack Childress makes his rounds in the Maternal Child and Women's Health Unit at the Moberly Regional Medical Center in Moberly, Missouri.
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