Photo by Wayne Thomas / MPW.58 PHOTO BY Wayne Thomas / MPW.58
  • Cutting Through Time
  • The 58th Missouri Photo Workshop / MPW.58
  • Multimedia Experience: Cutting Through Time
  • Rob's Barber Shop continues to make small-town Moberly marvelous. Three generations of wild hair tamers have been located on North Williams Street in a building erected in the 1890s. Rob and his sister, Kelly Forbis, are continuing this barbershop tradition. Missouri men come early and stay late, swapping stories, catching up with friends or, in the words of one patron, “ hear what I have been doing this week." Customers range in color, age, experience and verbosity while Rob and Kelly keep the conversations churning. The “Magic City" continues its charm thanks in part to Rob's Barber Shop.

    At Rob's Barber Shop tradition comes in many forms, from the equipment to the hairstyles. While a shave with the straight razor is complimentary, a trim to the beard is extra.
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