Photo by Nadia Cohen / MPW.58 PHOTO BY Nadia Cohen / MPW.58
  • Growing pains in mobile 24
  • The 58th Missouri Photo Workshop / MPW.58
  • Within the confines of a two bedroom trailer, Art Nunn and Shawn Richardson, both going through marriage separations, struggle to maintain order in their newly joined family. The stress of being caught in the mobile home cycle causes a precarious balance to maintain their relationship. The children all move through life with personal struggles, from Shawn's son who is adjusting to fitting in with his new family to Tierra, Art's 13 year old daughter who fills the void of a mother when Shawn is not around to do so. Despite the harsh reality of their circumstance, the family has created a warm and loving world within mobile 24.

    Joshua Faught, son of Shawn Richardson looks through the window of mobile 24 to his grandmother's mobile home as Joshua Nunn, his newfound brother passes by.
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