Photo by Chua Puay Hoe / MPW.58 PHOTO BY Chua Puay Hoe / MPW.58
  • "I feel like a bag lady whenever I am here." Maxine Edwards collects food thrown out by local grocers almost everyday. But she does not eat any of it. Maxine runs the local Christian food bank, Christos Center, which feeds about 200 families each month. Every time she collects food from the central food bank 30 miles from Moberly, she stacks her van to the brim. Every corner is stuffed with something so that each family gets a treat like ice cream or pie at least once month. At 80 years old, she is still lifting 40-pound food boxes for these families. "God sees what you do and rewards you for it. But that is a consequence and should not be the intention for doing good."

    Bag Lady?: Maxine sifting through what the local grocer has thrown out.
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