• Dan Miles: Community First
  • The 63rd Missouri Photo Workshop / Clinton, Mo.
  • Dan Miles was taught by his father to walk the paper through the whole process and get ink on his hands. He is intimately involved in all phpects of the paper - from gathering the news by himself and with his legion of "volunteers, to editing and laying out and pasting up the pages and supervising the printing. He even helps insert ads before the papers are distributed.

    The Clinton Democrat was founded in 1868 has been in the Miles family since 1949. Dan is a third generation news paper editor and the fifth generation news man to own a small town newspaper. Dan has a strong belief in the community and says, "the community is first before profits."

    Many in the family have "died at the typewriter, it's kind of a family joke." His father worked up until four days before he died of a stroke. His mother wrote a column five days a week until her death - and then readers complained that her column no longer appeared.

    Dan feels a tremendous responsibility to uphold the report on the community, and considers Clinton to be part of his family and works tirelessly to report the news in the five-day-per week daily. But he also works on Saturday - and most evenings. Both he and his wife of four decades, Kathy, the business manager of the paper, are dedicated to sustaining the community through their reporting.

    Dan is planning on updating the well-worn King presses to be able to run four-color. They believe in the print product and have yet to establish a web presence for the paper, though they do have a Facebook page.

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