• Sherry’s Second Chance
  • The 63rd Missouri Photo Workshop / Clinton, Mo.
  • Sherry Himes decided she needed a fresh start. A year ago, at the age of 52, Sherry left her job at a local retail carpet and window treatment business and bought Pat’s Lawn and Garden from Gene Busker. Buying the shop marked the dawn of a new beginning for the shop and a new beginning for Sherry. Despite losing her Mother to breast cancer, her brother to AIDS, and a granddaughter at birth she now has a second chance at new beginnings and happy endings.

    Sherry spent fifteen years of her life working at the carpet and window business. After buying Pat's Lawn and Garden and leaving her career as an interior designer, Sherry now helps people with their exteriors. “My customers tell me since I designed the interiors of their homes I might as well design the outsides too,” she says.

    Sherry named the shop the Green Street’s Market. “In a time of economic instability people are afraid to start businesses,” Sherry says. “That’s not what America is about. If everybody gives up then no businesses get built.” Now her venture is going well and she has two beautiful grandchildren, Sara Kate and Haskell.


    Although Gene is retired, he still comes to the shop to help out with the customers and sit in his recliner with Nicky the cat in his lap. According to Sherry, “Nicky was part of the contract Gene wrote up.” Nicky has become a cherished mascot for the Green Street’s Market over the many years.

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