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  • Randy Casey and his wife Mary operate My Place Residential Care in Festus, Mo. My Place is offered as a safe haven for people in the community with varying levels of mental disability. “We want them to realize we’re all a family and try to give them a certain degree of independence,” he said.

    The name for the facility comes from Randy and Mary’s wish to help those they care for feel at home. “So when people ask them where they live, they can say, ‘my place’,” he said. While Mary is away setting up a new facility in Desoto, Mr. Casey oversees the care of residents at My Place. Though constantly working long hours seven days a week, Casey always has time to spend with everyone.

    Many of the residents do not have regular contact with their family members, so Casey strives to give each person there not only physical care, but also emotional comfort. “They all know it’s our home, our family, and they’re our kids,” he said. When Casey moves through the white halls of My Place, whether it be early morning, or well after midnight to check on the resident who always seems to stay up late, he gets a hug and is told time after time, “You’re a good dad.”

    Randy Casey, co-owner of My Place Residential Care, talks with one of the residents in the early morning hours. Casey and his Wife Mary have dedicated their lives to helping those with mental disabilities have a comfortable and safe place to live.

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