• John Isaac / MPW.61
  • John Isaac
  • Independent Photographer
  • The 61st Missouri Photo Workshop | Festus & Crystal City, Mo.
  • As a United Nations Photographer from 1978 to 1998, John Isaac covered everything from the Cambodian killing fields of Pol Pot and the famine in Ethopia to wars in Kuwait, Bosnia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East. John now loves to train his lens on things of beauty: the wondrous and colorful varieties of people, places and wildlife.

    No stranger to the exotic, John has traveled the globe for his U.N. assignments and his work not only has captured a cornucopia of cultural diversity, his sensitive and compassionate nature was ever-present when recording the human condition on film for the world to see. There were times when he gave up a possible Pulitzer-winning photograph out of respect for the dignity and privacy of the potential subject.

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