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Olivia Owens Wyatt is in her fifth and final year as an undergraduate at the University of Missouri and will graduate with a Bachelor of Journalism degree and a history minor. She came to the university with the hope of becoming a reporter, then made the enlightened decision to be a photographer a year ago. While her main interest is photography, Olivia is interested in media convergence. She is currently producing and hosting a children's show for the public access channel in Columbia, Mo. and hosts a radio show on a local radio station. Olivia is also creating an animated (claymation) documentary on drag queens that will be featured in a local film festival. She served as an editor and designer for Rangefinder at MPW56.

MPW Rangefinder


Team A
Maggie Steber
Alan Berner

Team B
George Olson
Dennis Dimick

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Melissa Farlow
Lois Raimondo

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MaryAnne Golon
Randy Olson

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Kim Komenich
Joany Carlin

Randy Cox

David Rees
Jim Curley


Angel Anderson
Benjamin Mihlfeld
Gregory Tomlinson


Adam Masloski
John Tully
Rebekah Raleigh
Olivia Owens Wyatt
Leah Gallo
Benjamin Reed
Meghan Lyden

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