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Former high school English teacher David Rees began photographing in a town so small that if he went out to drink his students would let him know about it the next day. He spent the first year of his photographic career shooting with a twin lens Yashica-D and only printing contact sheets in his living room. The bulk of his professional experience was a staff photographer and then photo editor at The Columbia Daily Tribune. Currently he is MPW Co-Director and the head of the MU Photojournalism Sequence, as well as director of the Pictures of the Year. Rees has taught courses in photojournalism, new media and reporting at MU, and has participated in Poynter Institute, Scripps Howard and National Press Photographers Association seminars and workshops. He maintains interest in grassroots photojournalism and online publishing. He actively freelances photos and stories. He has one book to his credit, on the University of Missouri, and worked on the 1996 Discovering Ecuador book project. He was a lab crew member of the 1975 Missouri Photo Workshop in Nevada and faculty at the Bolivar and Washington workshops.

MPW Staff Co-diretor


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